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I started decorative woodworking as a hobby in the fall of 2004. Since then, I’ve leveraged my experience as a machinist and die-maker into woodworking skills that warrant your attention and investment. In 2006, it became apparent that my employer was going to ‘down-size’ and, despite having several years with them, I was near the bottom of the seniority pile. Two men with only slightly less seniority were let go and the writing was on the wall.

nm-woodworks-logo2So I took the plunge. And here I am. No insurance. Not much capital. Eager to make merchandise for folks who appreciate quality whether they can afford to pay premium prices or not. My prices range from as little as $3.00 to a little under $200.00. Three dollars buys ‘hand-made, attractive and useful’. Two hundred dollars buys ‘breathtaking art’. Here’s a helpful tip: don’t buy just one of the $3.00 items … the shipping will bite you.

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